Drone/Doom/Psychedelic Rock from Newcastle

Bong invite listeners known and new to permit themselves to their unfurling, mesmeric drone. Comprised of David Terry (vocals/bass), Mike Vest (guitar) and Mike Smith (drums) the band’s transformative, otherworldly and majestic hues captivate all who witness, rending the trio quite a following. Distortion swells and provides the perfect accompaniment to the shamanistic-like chants, whilst shimmering transcendental tones enable Bong’s musical passages to become expansive ritualistic epics that surpass even the highest of expectations.

Hailing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bong’s musical and celestial voyage has spanned over a decade having come into fruition in 2005. Along this journey, the band have released a prolific number of LPs and EPs including a multitude of live recordings and splits with numerous artists. Each release marks a continuation of the band’s metaphysical sounds, always remarkable in their ability to open the listener to imaginative plans anew, in addition to achieving critical acclaim from the likes of The Quietus, Metal Hammer, Kerrang! and The Wire. The majority of Bong’s full-length releases are on the Ritual Productions imprint including the hypnotically absorbing ‘Beyond Ancient Space’ (2011), the beautiful Middle Eastern hues of ‘Mana-Yood-Sushai’ (2012), the formidable ‘Stoner Rock’ (2014) and the solemnly ethereal ‘We are, we were and we will have been’ (2015). 2018 saw the band release their sixth album for Ritual Productions, ‘Thought and Existence’, a resplendent and imposing craft in both texture and form, with further sonic explorations to follow in the near future…

Bong have brought their rituals to an array of European countries and renowned festivals, including repeat performances at the esteemed Roadburn Festival with these three live sets now committed to wax. The trio have also performed at Desertfest UK, Damnation Festival and 2019 will further see the band’s first trip to Russia. As spectators will attest, Bong’s live rituals enable new realms of perception to manifest, even if only for the duration of the listening experience, but powerful enough to subvert the laws of time and space itself.

Freefall into the dark abyss with Bong’s mystical drone…


David Terry - Bass/Hymns
Mike Vest - Guitars
Mike Smith - Drums/Percussion/Gong


  • Beyond Ancient Space - 2011 (Ritual Productions)

  • Mana-Yood-Sushai - 2012 (Ritual Productions)

  • Idle Days on the Yann - 2013 (Blackest Rainbow Records)

  • Stoner Rock - 2014 (Ritual Productions)

  • We Are, We Were and We Will Have Been - 2015 (Ritual Productions)

  • Box of Bong - 2018 (Burning World Records)

  • Thought and Existence - 2018 (Ritual Productions)