Playing great shows is clearly one of (or maybe the most) important aspect of band life. But how do you get to play these cool shows? How do you get to tour around the world? Around Europe? Outside your own country? Outside your home town?

The way to do it is build up your profile to the point where people want to book you right? Simple and obvious really….. However, look behind this and you will see that there are a lot of factors at play. Which booking agents are right for you? Which promoters are right for you? Which promoters are solid and reliable? Which of them can put you onto those cool support tours you see your peers being announced for? Where should you be touring? Who are these people anyway?

We have a dedicated booking team here at Blackskull Services. We are connected worldwide, contacts gained through years of solid touring and networking (sorry for the ‘business talk’) we are here to help you.

Shall we talk about it? Email us on quoting your band name and the heading ‘BOOKINGS’.