Even Vast formed in 1998 and recorded their first album "Hear Me Out" in Holland at the Beaufort Studios (other bands recorded here include The Gathering and Phlebotomized). "Hear Me Out" was released in 1999 through Black Lotus Records.

Thanks to the success of the first album other labels expressed interest in the band, in 2001 "Where the Trees Still Speak" was released on MCD and Picture MLP through Ars Metalli/Painkiller Records. In 2003 "Outsleeping" album was released through Mausoleum Records which provided good promotion for the band and increased popularity. April 2007 was the date of the third full length album (under MyKingdom Music) “Teach Me How To Bleed”.

After a pause of 9 Years, Even Vast have returned based between Manchester and Nottingham, with a new line up and a new sludge/doom sound. Not only that, there's the addition of a quirky Saxophonist, work on a new album and a return to live performances.


  • Luca Martello - guitars

  • Chris Taylor - lead vocals

  • Nicholas Mark Roe - drums

  • Steve Kilpatrick - bass

  • Alessandro D'Arcangeli - sax/chorus


  • Hear Me Out - cd/digital 1999

  • Where The Trees Still Speak - MCD/Picture LP 2001

  • Dawning Gloom - CDs 2002

  • Outsleeping - CD 2003

  • Teach Me How To Bleed - CD 2007

  • Inside Your Head - digital single 2018

  • Warped Existence - CD 2019