False Gods


Formed in Late 2015, False Gods main objective was to play music with no boundaries and to be a mix of their favorite sludge/doom/stoner metal bands without the rigid parameters the genre can come with. From the ashes of skeletondealer,

Mike Stack and Greg March decided to make a band that would mix the sludge/doom/stoner metal sound from their previous project with more metallic and hardcore elements as well as adding a new layer of melody and experimental influences.

In 2015, with the line-up now complete with the addition of Paulie Stack on drums and Brian Krazinski on bass, the band would start the recording process of what was to be their first release, "Wasteland". Drawing from their influences of classic doom metal as well as a healthy dose of the NOLA sound and their background in the NYHC scene, "Wasteland" set the standard for what would be False Gods sound. Brutal, heavy, honest and uncompromising.

2016 saw the release of the EP to very favorable reviews from the heavy metal media and music fans alike. 2016 also saw the band play with groups like Crowbar, Heavy Temple, Cloud Rat, Abigail Williams and Urban Waste.

In 2017, the band began work on their next EP entitled "Reports from Oblivion". The EP was remixed and mastered by the legendary Tad Doyle. Metal Hammer magazine gave the EP an 8 out of 10 stars. 2017 also had the band opening for acts like Conan and 16.

In late August, Brian Krasinsky decided to leave the band, leaving a void that wasn't easy to fill. 2018 finally saw the band on stable ground with a stable line-up with the addition of guitarist Nick Luisi and bassist Johnny Geirak as well as  some great shows with bands like Ether, Backwoods Payback and Set Fire. They were able to start work on some new material that will be released in 2019 as well as a new video and touring the east coast. 


  • Mike Stack: Vocals

  • Greg March: Guitar

  • Paul Stack: Drums

  • Johnny Gierak: Bass

  • Nick Luisi: Guitar


  • Reports From Oblivion EP (2017)

  • Wasteland EP (2016)