Great Electric Quest


Deemed by many as an “Iron Sabbath” or “Black Maiden” and by others as "Candle Kyuss", Great Electric Quest deliver a potent dosage of Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal as they unfold a story of many characters and mystery. Strongly appealing to listeners of Classic Metal, Stoner Rock, Proto Rock, Doom, Shred, Blues, and an overall deep energy infused Rock and Roll reminiscent of a golden age, their live performance is full of energy and theatrics deeply engage the audience.

In 2017 "Great Electric Quest" played 96 shows in 30 states on 4 different tours (SXSW Invasion II, Sign of the Sinner, Squeelin' Wheels, Beer Vikings) growing a fan base that are, "never going to miss another Quest show." The relentless touring was highlighted by numerous festival performances at premiere events such as; Electric Funeral Fest, Austin Terror Fest, Stoned Meadow of Doom Fest, Wicked Bad Stoner Jam, Epicenter Fest, Fuzzed Out Fest, Burnin Turf II, Sword Metal Fest, and critically lauded performance at Psycho Las Vegas Festival.

Hailing from Oceanside, North County San Diego,CA; “The Quest” has played well over 400 shows and has had enormous influence in building and supporting the newly revitalized rock and roll scene of San Diego.

“The Quest” deliver a live performance that holds its own next to any. On stage high energy chemistry is eternally present and Buddy Donner, lead guitar; has even been known to hang from the rafters upside down melting faces with insane guitar solos.

"Great Electric Quest are becoming an even more dynamic outfit than they were when they started, and they leave little doubt across Chapter II‘s span about their capacity to turn heads before they make them bang, roll, or nod. They are, simply, a band who demand attention"
- The Obelisk

Coined as the, "hardest working rock band in all of San Diego" by NBC, "Great Electric Quest" is ready to take their journey international and is looking to tour Europe, bringing their hallmark energy filled live performances to an international crowd.

Along with the release of "Chapter II", GEQ is already laying the groundwork in 2018 for relentless touring and festival performances across North America and Europe reaching parts of Canada and Mexico as well. The Quest is primed to have a major year to say the least.


  • Tyler "T-Sweat" DIngvell - Vocals

  • Buddy Donner - Guitar

  • Daniel "MuchoDrums" Velasco - Drums

  • Jared Bliss - Bass


  • Chapter II: Of Earth (2018)

  • Not of Earth (2018)

  • Wicked Ladies Split with Lords of Beacon House (2017)

  • Chapter I (2016)

  • Prelude Demo (2014)