Our ServiCes

We offer a range of services and this offering will differ for every band we deal with. We aren’t turned on by the idea of working with literally everything you have and taking a cut of literally every penny you make. Instead, we would look at your situation and decide on where you need our help the most, then work with you on these areas.

Some bands might only need a booking agent, some may only need help finding a new label. Your band may want to distribute a record through our Australia based distro, or you may just want help figuring out the logistics of a tour in Australia and New Zealand. You may be a US based band who wants help branching out into Europe, or a European band trying to break into Australia. No matter what you need, we can help you by giving honest and straightforward advice.

We can negotiate, on your behalf, in every area of band life. We can book your tours through our in house booking agents, we can help get your new release promoted, distributed and and taken notice of globally. We can help you with all those ‘what if?’ questions, all those ‘if only we could....’ - we really are serious about helping you make the most out of band life.

We don’t offer short cuts, we’re not interested in helping you cheat the system, but we don’t want you to miss the opportunities that you deserve, we want you to be ready and able to enjoy that band you put your heart and soul into. Consider the following before getting in touch.

Do You Need a Manager?

Are you 100% satisfied with where your band is? Are you certain you can get where you want to go using your own volition? Did you answer yes to both of these questions? If so, you do not need us.

If you answered no to either of these then maybe you need our assistance. We have many years of experience both managing international touring bands PLUS experience of being in an active and busy touring band. We have made mistakes along the way, we have had others make mistakes on our behalf. Fortunately, we have learned a lot through this and can now offer that experience to bands and artists. We have a unique and well informed perspective on this stuff, from several angles.

Talk To Us

Some common questions.

  • Why don’t we ever get the juicy support slots?
  • How do these other bands get these cool tours?
  • Why does no one wear our merch?
  • Why can’t we get any festival shows?
  • Why won’t that booking agent return my emails?
  • Are we totally sure we are getting the best fee and conditions possible on the shows we are playing?
  • Which labels should we approach for this music we want to release?
  • Why aren’t labels returning my emails about our upcoming release?
  • Why won’t my label return my emails?
  • Are these royalty payments correct?
  • I’d love to sell more merch, but how?
  • We are making good progress on our own, but am running out of time to do everything, what do we do next?

These are all valid questions that bands ask themselves. Some work it out, some need help. We’re here to help those that need it.

Can You Afford a Manager?

There IS money in entertainment. If you get the business side of the band right (and YES there needs to be a business side, even a squat show in Brussels will have a budget to stick to) then you should really have some- one on hand to keep an eye on everything. A manager will charge a % of your income or a monthly retainer, but If they increase your overall income then it will pay for itself easily PLUS you will be made to act, look and be received in a much more positive light. Imagine earning 80% of £1000 rather than 100% of £350 for example.

What next?

Let’s talk more. Contact us for an initial consultation.