Shrine Of The Serpent


 Death Doom from Salem, Oregon, USA.

Spat forth upon this cursed world in 2014 Shrine of the Serpent began its mission, extolling the futility of existence and to spread the gospel of desolation to every corner of this diseased abattoir we occupy.

Shrine of the Serpent sounds the death knell for humanity at an almost glacial pace switching from mid tempo death to an abysmal crawl distilling influences and elements with its own brand of dismal alchemy.

If you are a fan of early Paradise Lost, Winter, Dusk, Asunder, Asphyx, Coffins and early Cathedral then allow your spirit its final gasp of life at the hands of this three headed serpent!


  • Todd Janeczek - Guitar/ Vocals

  • Lauren Ferber - Bass

  • Chuck Watkins - Drums


  • Shrine of the Serpent - Self Titled EP - 2015

  • Split with Black Urn - 2017

  • Entropic Disillusion - 2018