Melodic Death Metal/Black Metal from Austin, Texas, USA.

Formed in West Texas nearly two decades ago, Vex’s unique blend of progressive, melodic black and death metal has been described as, “smashing through the boundaries of what it means to be and play not just death metal, but metal as a whole” (Decibel). The band has released three critically-acclaimed full-length albums, 'Thanatopsis,' 'Memorious,' and 'Sky Exile,' as well as a number of EPs and singles, and has performed/toured internationally with Morbid Angel, Agalloch, Intronaut, Absu, Katatonia, Deicide, Immolation, Goatwhore, and many others. For the band’s most recent release, 2018’s 'The Machine Shop Sessions,' Vex brings the raw energy of its live performances to the studio, recording four tracks from its back catalog live and unedited in a single take. “Vex inject strands of traditional metal minutiae into the desolation of extremity, constructing an enigma of limitless vision.” - Metal Injection “Utterly unique” - Wormgear


Joe Jackson (vocals) 
Ciaran McCloskey (guitar)
Michael Day (guitar)
Joel Miller (bass)
Adrian Benavides (keyboards/percussion/guitar/vocals)
Eoghan McCloskey (drums)


  • Sphereith (2002)

  • 2007 Promo (2007)

  • Thanatopsis (2010)

  • Vex/Divine Eve split 7” vinyl

  • The Circular Ruins (2012)

  • Vex/Divine Eve split CD (2012)
    Memorious (2013)

  • To Anacreon (Strangling the Muse) single (2014)

  • Sky Exile (2016)

  • The Machine Shop Sessions (2018)