Witchfinder is a Stoner / Doom band from Clermont-Ferrand, France formed mid 2016. Created by two fans themselves Stoner / Doom fan, these found a drummer to send riff fat and powerful seasoned fuzz sauce, occult and psychedelic.

The first eponymous album released, May 2017 is very well received by critics. Kozmik Artifactz distribute physically the 03/26/2018 into Europe. Rich of their year 2017 where they shared the scene with HANGMAN'S CHAIR, MONOLORD, CONAN, THE FLYING EYES, WITCHTHROAT SERPENT, THE NECROMANCERS, the trio will share in 2018 the stage with KADAVAR, MARS RED SKY, GLOWSUN, ALUNAH and more others.

Witchfinder is ready for the 2nd album! After the weedy infused stuff of the first album, the second opus, which promises to be even darker, will be almost entirely devoted to esoteric culture, Ouija invocations and the myths of the Coven! Satan rules.


Clément Mostefaï - Bass, Lead Vocals
Stanislas Franczak - Guitar, Back vocals
Thomas Dupuy - Drum


  • Witchfinder - CD/Vinyl (2017)

  • Hazy Rites - CD/Vinyl (2019)