From the antediluvian shores of the murky Hudson arises a new force in the world of doom metal. Articulate, elegant and ridiculously fucking heavy, Witchkiss are part of a growing movement coming out of upstate New York in the world of crushingly loud and punishing music. Built around raw emotion, sonic poetry and a sense of longing for a life lost, there is a haunting majesty to the work of Witchkiss. This Newburgh, NY duo is fusing the sounds of bands like Subrosa, Yob and Isis to craft sounds that contemplate the neverending cycle of life and death. 

Their debut offering, The Austere Curtains Of Our Eyes is a journey through depressed unrealities, punishing truths, somewhere along the way it drove the duo to underground notoriety. Having performed everywhere from Maryland Doom Fest to Indianapolis Doomed & Stoned on countless tours, Witchkiss have quickly become veritable road warriors. The Hudson scene is buzzing about these rising heavyweights just as much as the bands admirers in publications like Decibel and Metal Injection. Building on the interplay between eerie female vocals and crushing growls, the groove driven Witchkiss can’t help but to fascinate. 

Ready to take on the world with an appetite for constant touring, loud riffs and the passion to tackle just about every festival they can, Witchkiss understand what it takes to grow in the insular art doom community. With music based on raw and uncomfortable emotions, Witchkiss are striving to bring their craft to the next level. Coming out of a cold dark place to shower the world in volume, vinyl and a potent vision, Witchkiss are looking to release their second full length in late 2019 with the light becoming ever brighter and the darkness becoming all consuming.


  • Amber Burns

  • Scott Prater


  • The Austere Curtains Of Our Eyes (2018)